Papoose - Is It Good To You lyrics

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A party made a good time, a? mean joy, a baby shower made a baby boy

Tell me girl is it good to you(yeah yeah)

Do I make you feel satisfied(alright)

Take care of responsibilities(yeah yeah)

I told you everything was gunna be (alright)

I need a girl that's a good cook with some good bush

Push it like salt & pepper give a good push

But you gotta rock the mic that's a good look

Know how to lay a hot verse and a good hook

Caught a Charlie horse when I hit the Nook nook

But like James Brown get up on my good foot

Girl you put me on my feet like a good jukes

You want the best for me so I take your input

And when you thought I was cheating, you was off the hook

You put your hands all in her face, she got mushed

Took you from your ex man, he got took

Cause u need a thug in your life and he puss

When I laugh at you, u jus killed me with shyness

And when I'm mad at you, you just kill me with kindness

They say love is blind, well I guess it's blindness

Cause I can't see no other bitch but my bitch

I like a "round the way girls" like LL say

I rather have a Mary J than a Beyonce

In prison men was coming I was in the mix of hustling'

Risking it for nothing but it's different when u struggling

Flipping by the dozen, my adrenaline was pumpin

But when I use to come in, u kept dinner in the oven

Just because I'm bussing that don't distance us for nothing

The dissin and the cussin cause shit to get disgusting

Miss him when u lust him, if u with him u should trust him

Not miserable and buggin over ignorant assumptions

And you never listen to your sisters and your cousins

They ain't wanna see us make it they kept whispherin we wasn't

Time is of the essence if u spend it with your husband

You should kiss and just hug him cause he living and you love him

Underground king this was written in the dungeon

My sentences was structured for my independent women

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

God broke the mold when he made your sculpture

Nothing between us but oxygen HOLD UP

I just took that come get closer

Open my cell phone up and drop it

Hoping u pick it up just so I can see u bend over

Yeah I might be drunk but my mind is sober

A drunk man speak with a sober mind, he suppose to

You man got on top, gave u the cold shoulder

Come here I'll console you, what goes up must come down

He fall I'm a say I told ya, and yell TIMBER like the wolves in Minnesota

You dress for your culture and only cook kosher

I call u my mechanic let me explain hold up

I stay on the grind like bad brakes and rotors

But when I see you, you put a tune up on my motor

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