Papoose - Incarcerated Surfaces (Freestyle) lyrics

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Hip-hop is something that was created for ______

So they could make something out of themselves

Wrote my name on the back of my head on the flat top

Had to go to Bushwick we took the cab to Hancock

We ain’t pay the driver we jumped out when the cab stopped

Used to prove you hand skills, we used slap box

Police carried 38’s, they didn’t have Glocks

Need me a key so I can open his padlock

You was in a team but not in _______

You were there just to make people laugh

You were just a mascot

That was a smack drop

This is the era of black tops

Crafts in the barrel

I amde it out when the ____ stopped

Trying to pull me down

My people driving the black drops

BMW with red tops

Yeah you put it worth, social network

You ain’t like me

I put it low in tech work

But that won’t make you dream

I don’t know what the fuck did you smoke

You didn’t live by the words

So your tattoo weak

I guess nobody ever told you how bad you stink

You better stop slippin’ on me

I’m back to hits

You ain’t never gonna wake-up

If I catch you asleep

I get blood out of you

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