Papoose - Hope lyrics

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I’m capitalizing with DJ Will

Zip locks, bag scales and yay hills

…Advil users who take pills

Using pain killers to kill the pain ‘cause pain kills

Some say they came in this industry just to make bills

Money don't move me, I came here to display skills

Wanna talk money, you niggas had about eight deals

Still can't pass me, my first one was a straight mill

Epidural shot, feel numbness if you don’t stay still

And I look healthy, I got a medic that ain’t ill

Led poisoned kids who went to school but ain’t chill

Asbestos come out of the walls soon as the paint peals

Catch a juvy case, probation and go away chill

You ain’t go to juvenile hall your case ain’t sealed

Impersonating officers, niggas is showing face chills

Book you for working your re-up money, you ain’t real

The mic turn table with sassing, who late the bass bill

Play fear, I never eat nothing that I ain’t killed

Strong…shoot out sharp shooters and armed robbers

Al Pacino, primo, DeNiro, the godfather

Boardwalk empire, Luciano, a bought drama

…Castelano giving out orders from a massage parlor

Kidnapped, torture, decapitation, it’s all common

Leather-face Jason and Freddy, all in my songs horror

Godzilla, King Kong, hell raiser, the bomb monster

Wearing a full metal jacket, chest and arm armor

Gun in the cup holder, soldier next to the car charger

Legal system set up to send me dearly departed martyrs

Innocent kids doing time for …

Man, I’m signing off in Japanese, Sayonara

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