Papoose - Hip Hop lyrics

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Roxanne Shante versus Real Roxanne

The KRS-One versus MC Shane

Tupac Shakur versus BIG

Check the ripple verse, cool MD

I keep it HIP HOP


It’s that post with street thug

G’s who never…since death gave us a deep grudge

I was buzzing when…so coincidently we coexisted with street buzz

…show hate, fake phony blood, suckers who drew blood

Them foam better best get niggas murdered and beat up

We yank you for your chain and then rob you after you re-up

The sunflower seeds, the Phillies, the roll a weed up

The 50 cent soldiers, the fish and chips from free lunch

The homies who disturbing the peace screaming out peace, blood

Shop for 60 dollars, they kill the boy over three cups

Little homie…

Leaders, never follow, we pop bottles in each club…

Jay Z versus Nas…

LL versus Cannabis…

I keep it HIP HOP


We keep it HIP HOP

Back to the STREET

We getting more green, a dead president is a small thing

Afford a chrome mine from a gun slinging four green

Cocaine chemist who magnetic the all things

True Religion sweat pants, gun tucked in the draw strings

…Brooklyn niggas who all scheme

The blood shot red eye, skin pale from the chlorine

…a father tells his daughter he never smoking no more, please

Needing medication, fill this prescription at Walgreens

He should be restricted ‘cause he’s addicted to morphine

The home schooling teacher that educated his offsprings

Got money stashed under the house, by the support beams

No guts, no glory we rarely cheating the war thing

A chess player, checkmate, I’m capturing your queen

This goes out to all of the artists out on the New York scene

The more we de-throne these out-of-towners, the more kings

Dr. Dre versus Easy E

Bizzy B versus…

Let me spell it for you one more time

I keep it HIP HOP


We keep it HIP HOP

Back to the STREET

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