Papoose - Flashback lyrics

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Marvin Gaye, Sample-

Mother Mother, mother mother,

everybody thinks were wrong.

Mother, mother. Who are they

to judge us? Mother, mother

simply cause we wear our hair long.

Mother, mother Oohhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Papoose- Verse 1

Im gonna take ya'll back on this one.

Mommy make me some oatmeal, the mailman outside

he bringin' mo' bills. Daddy driving in his raggedy mobile.

Papoose got the cooties he killed a roach ill. Mommy Toya' keep

kickin' me with those old heals. Boys stop trying to me make me out of mo' hill.

I grew up in a shack just like oniel'. Born and raised in the ghetto where it was so real.

Back in the days when K' was on co' chill. We lived on the first floor Im from down the hill.

We had to duck on the floor, they shooting off steel. They use to have shoot outs

over them dope deals. They say if he's so nice why he got no deal? I say my talent is something these little

labels won't steal. Im doing this for those rappers who out of brownsville who never went platinum.

Marvin Gaye -- Chorus

Oh, make you wanna holler

The way they do my life

Make me wanna holler

The way they do my life

Papoose Verse 2-

Yo momma so fat when she walk her booty claps,

need gloves to eat a tootsie roll, she so black. You actin' like your

mom's all that. She's so crosseyed that when she cries tears go down her back.

Who ever stepped on a lines, yo' mother drink wine. Who ever stepped

on the cracks, yo mother smokes crack. We told mother jokes as if we took them for granted,

drinking sugar water eating the syrup sandwich. We threw rocks at lots, buildings was abandon.

Father sinners were teaching, but we aint understand it. Pissy mattresses, we was on the black flippin'

Needed some school clothes so we went shoplifting. Triple fat goose first deal big difference.

Chasin' the girls, seven humps, eleven kisses. You slap box better than me, then I fought you.

Smacked you in yo' face, and then start screamin' " i caught you"

Marvin Gaye - Chorus

Oh, make you wanna holler

The way they do my life

Make me wanna holler

The way they do my life

Papoose - Verse 3

I was borned to rappers back then, I was nice kid. Had them red& black lumberjacks

like BIG. Osh kosh bGOSH and flat tops. Battled the human beatbox stuffed wax and skelly tops.

Used G's favoritest pants, tyson was the champ, started small time hustlin' tired of them foodstamps

. Back then the dreads use to have all the weak spots, niggas were scared when they use to say ' what the blood clot!'

but the hood got tired of that you hood gunshots. Niggas started to get gun budding and what not. Tomahawks, faceheads, low lives,

the ceptic cards, black spades, lil wives, GP, SSP, HBO, those are some of the new york gangs I know.

Man I'm daydreamin' off the haze I blow, I just caught a flashback i smoked too much dro.

Flashback, Flashback, Flashback.

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