Papoose - Faith lyrics

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I’m feeling grungy, sorcey, hungry

Grungy meet new sex

Looking for brunettes

So blondies won’t make’em baby mommies

I just want them to soothe me

Sometimes that be the only thing that calms me

Police be acting like stars key

Unhuch the thungs

Skin it so they could hug me

Cops need collars so they could feel bossy

You try to get your collars up, you think you Fonzy?

I eat a lot of fish and parsley

Green vegetables, sweet peas and broccolis

Drink a lot of water so it can wash me

My homey told me stop eatin’ rappers

He trying to starve me

I ain’t starting trouble but on you

Rappers get a little hot and start acting cocky

Maury Povich nigger swag me

These dudes used to be my sons

Like Charles Barkley

You think you Scarface?

I bet the shout that you get rid of Tony like...

Man that’s world of Gaddafi

Your war stories put me to sleep

I need some coffee

Bragging about old war

That’s beyond me

You ain’t putting no work to sitar

Man you washed like a laundry

You an ass murderer like a Shawn T

The back of the club that’s where the guard be

Beating all not beating me and my army

They said I can’t rock a party

Give me the mic, Imma rock you

They better launch me

My music they judged partially

Everybody making comments, they wanna blog me

Now they shot the game

They possess parley

I call them a bunch of meatheads like Archie

Haters say they wanna stomp me

I know how to weave and bob

No Marley

Dig my way out of a grave if I get bodied

But dog they’d better burry me under concrete

Yeah king of New York

Yeah yeah I’m the king of New York

Yeah yeah king of New York

Yeah nigger I’m the king of New York

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