Papoose - Faces Of Death lyrics

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I like to welcome ya'll niggaz to Faces of Death... take a deep breathe... don't be afraid

Papoose, let's go!

I take the grace from him,

Break his fate when I'm blazin him,

Place him straight in the grave and then

Take his fate off the face of his cranium

Take a taste of your flesh,

I break the plate in ya vest,

I hope you takin ya breath,

Cause this is faces of death,

I left the flesh molded,

Cause I'm the best and all the rest know it,

I'm papoose, the life or death poet,

I take the grace from him,

Break his fate when I'm blazin him,

Place him straight in the grave and then

Take his fate off the face of his cranium

A young hustla on the block selling his jacks,

They told him he can't hustle now he dressed with his gat,

Hit him right between the eyes, dead in the head with the mac,

Heard how his melon just cracked? Faces of death!

Finally got her in the telly, she prettied that ass fat,

Pulled out a condom, and she told you "don't use that",

But you ain't see the monkey is sitting right on her back,

Now you positive and you trapped, faces of death!

Stick up kids see a big woolie who flossin,

Back the nigga down and took his jewelry off him,

But he ain't pat him down good enough and it cost him,

He gripped up on the larson, faces of death!

*This wild nigga always known for pickin his gun up,

Got caught for a body from some nigga he stuck up,

The judge gave him 25 to life he fucked up,

Went to his cell and hung up, faces of death!

This nigga drunk drivin while he smoking his ganja,

They told him "slow down" but he told em "I gotcha",

He crashed, everybody died 'cept for the driver,

He the only survivor, faces of death!

The project looks like oversized tombstones

Guess the ghetto is a graveyard we do em homes,

Been here before so my spirit carries a used soul

My soul cant carry my flesh so i used bones

Im a death poet thu life i consume poems

Words cant kill these niggas so i use chrome

I rhyme about swingin n pullin them lamaz out

Thats what Im about

Stick my gun in ya momma's mouth

What ya holl'in bout

Yall niggas know what the Stuy about

We dont do drive by's over here we hoppin out

You say you all about cheeze

What you some kind mouse

Ya man doin biz up north you ridin south

If grams was years im 2 years from a proper ounce

I strategize without a doubt

Niggas will make you think the beef dead then wait for

you outside ya house;

Thats why I stay on top of my beef like sour crout

I done copped enough yayo to survive a drought

But now i travel around a route

so put this in ya calculator if you dunno how to count

You gotta multiply J by 9 to equal my amount

Kus they scream holla back you poke em they holla ouch

So we dont bang witout a slouch

Real Brooklyn niggas got alotta clout

When we go to jail we put the telephone in our back pockets

this our house

You taken food out our mouth

By not livin what you rhyme about

We bout and bout

These rappers be foulin out

I get a hunnit million Im whallin out

Ima bail out every muthafuckin body in Rykers out

Let all the revolutionaries and lifers out

Leave the dry snitches dryin out

Im thug a catin' nympho

Dressed in the physical of a negro

My soul look thru it

My eye are just windows

Make sure ya man good with ya kids kus on the little

When you die he gon be the one fuckin ya widow

Aint whallin out I just deliver you real info

I analyze niggas when Im blowin indo

That aint ya man you only rode wit him kus he let his chick go

You catch Drama he pop off he a hero

But in the streets that dont add up to zero

Matter fact bring your hero

I switch G's I lay you on top of ya man and let the clip go

So I hope you like swizz G's on ya hero

Now I laid me down to sleep,

I pray to lord my soul will keep,

If the reaper come for me I put a hole in my sheets,

Every time I go to sleep I sleep holdin my heat,

If these upcoming rappers die before I wake,

The industry will be mine and I get all this cake*

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