Papoose - Enter The Cypher lyrics

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Feat. William Young, Chris Rivers & Termanology


Aye, yo, safe, I need the cover of the next tray stuntin'

With two model honey, throwin' money and puffin'

I used to break dames in highschool with my cousins

And do graffiti on the wall, buffin' motherfuckers

I'm a hip-hop god, intoxicate and smoke a lot

Got the deeders on my shells and the gazelles in my eyes

Got the chaorous monflow, guns on my cover, and the way I rhyme sound

Like I'm plunged to a revolver

I be runnin' thru block, and then butcherising survivors

Shit's orally confident, I can stomp you into a coffin

They call me a rpo'lem from Boston to home, where I be poppin'

I'm makin' the fellas mad cause mamis know that I be popular

Lookin' ass bitches, shout to homie Cassidy

I spit it rapidly, two pricks put cameras, they capture me

I'm masterpiece and nothing last after I rap


Yes y'all, rap on!


First off, I body any tratch with any reps

Prepare the tax on heavy straps, cold on, bring the Yeti back

Back the stabbers, pac pac just when I time travels

Submerge, then I sip birds and call it ?

It's Chris please, switch peas on my sixteens

I'm nicotine, all the niggas patched up if you intervene

Don't test, I strike harder than a protest

Foes in the lotto work up together, throat - chest

Doodle chop, I'm supernova and the Pluto hop

My spit burns, you niggas lighter than a nouveau shot

Who the top dawg? Gets crispy ass bitch

Grew from the gutter, tryna save my city with a safe tense

Rose up from the hood, lead my people to the kingdom

Like a Trojan horse would, only soldier's why I stood

I stand a sharper man, told you an aroma king

In case you don't know, my niggas, that is where I sign my name


Brother, brothers,

Kay Slay, we got 'em


My lyrics is diabolical

My spirit is made of superior particles

Lend me nigga who hot as duke

All lyrics, no gimmicks, nigga, I finish

I shock you, we see murder, no limit

We the youngest in hip-hop, who will you learn, pal?

You cross over like you was hoppin' the turn stall

Show me a can of spray pain,t and train oh

I'll fix you a Transporter 2 rainbow

Whomever keep sayn they number one just lied

I'm number one, two three four and five

I be lying if I said I really wrote that line

Manella J supreme, I quote that line

When I was sellin' crack this side of the drug spot

Fiends say I cheated, and better than Chud Rock

Tho yung, er'body know why I'm a true gunner

Nobody rip it harder than me as a new-comer




I'm merciless, put in work with this

You neva heard of MCs spit a verse like this

From the earth's abyss, with a curse a snitch

So the drop switchin' ways and soul purposes

I get the earth to spit, call the nurses quick!

You need antibiotics and reverse the sick

Offer my asshole, but I'm still dispersing shit

Yo momma must have been a do', cause she worth the bitch

You deserve a ditch, you a worthless prick

I would spit in your face, but you ain't worth the spit

Best things come to those who wait, they done lied and jerked you

You niggas been watching too many Heinz commercials

Beat you til you black, blue, blind and purple

What goes around comes around, you gon' die in a circle

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