Papoose - Donk Jumping lyrics

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I’m looking for the birthday girl

Making donk jump if you the birthday girl

you got an onion I ain’t gonna lie

your ass so fat, it brings tears to my eyes

Girl don’t play like that must be jam cause jelly dont shake like that

Can I hit it in the morning that’s too soon

When you get it right in the night she don’t wake up to the noon

Turn around make it clap for me, I wanna see your ass go go

She on the back on my motorbike

i hit a pot hole her booty go

Only do it if you pretty though

really though

make them titties go..

If you got a badadadongdong.. let me see your ass go go.

She wear Alexander ..but let’s see ..

Dolce Gabana you’re the best mama

I like the way she shake it no one do it better

.. she got ...the birthday girl

She drop something out pocket book ..she went to pick it up her booty went

She says she like do it doggy style

Turn the round her booty went.. I see her walking up the staircase .. every step I her ass went..

If you got a badadadongondg..

Let me see your ass go go

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