Papoose - Cough Up A Lung lyrics

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I’m with the drama king

Kilo chains, bracelets and diamond rings

Lamborghini, Ranges, drop top, it’s not a thing

Niggas wear the title of lyricists but we try to sing

We can tell your video corny by the behind the scenes

Menace to society, belly strapped kind of thing

Swimming in a bloodbath, repercussions that drama bring

Reenactment of Cain murder soon as I cock the thing

The only thing that came out was blood when he was trying to scream

Mayweather offence, check hook you for tryna swing

The Mike Tyson punch that knocked Trevor right out the ring

Shells on your top just like the legends from harlots Queens

Wrap you up like tin foil over some pile of greens

Doors to success and victory, rock solid dreams

Locked in my mind like Toogy Williams inside the bing

The 50 K carrier, bullets the size of llama beans

Finger at your fuck boy, fake, frivolous coward team

Tree sweepers, all black sky, pages of green beepers

Butchered out addressed, this beef swinging a meat cleaver

J wearing A max sneakers ahead, who keeps sneakers

Ted DiBiase, I put your man in a deep sleeper

Doing 90 over the speed limit in clean beamers

Stay true for radar gun ringing these lead speeders

…complete reader, sick with it, 1067 degree fever

Took the city back from these lame niggas, the retriever

Telephone thugs get beat down with the receiver

Niggas screaming they not pussy, I’m screaming me neither

Back handing rappers like Ike did when he beat Tina

Dedicated lyricist, accurate as an SK

The UPS, FedEx, best delivery the next day

Unspoken truth, who verbalize it the best way

You live in the LA like Long Island express way

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