Papoose - Class Dismissed lyrics

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Take Comprehension, Cause I'm Presentin' A Mass Invention

Its A Lesson, Undivided Attention Class In Session

Take Comprhension, Cause I'm Presentin' A Mass Invention

It's A Lesson Undivided Attention

I'ma About To Take Attendance, When I Call Your Name Say Present

Matter Of Fact I'ma Put This Whole Class In Detention

Cross Paths With A Legend, That Path Isn't Pleasent

I'm Asking A Question, I'm Fastly Progressing

Drop Math With Aggression, You Have Some Discretion?

You Wanna Question The Teacher While Class Is In Session?

Taught Masterful Lessons, You Ask What's The Message?

Then You Don't Respect Life Go Back To The Essence

Try To Bash My Inventions With Drastic Intentions

You Savage You Fag-Got Then That's What You Destined

We Can Clash Wit The Weapons, Blast With The Deserts

Grab Smith And Wessons, And Blast Til We Breathless

From The Past To The Present, My Rapture Was Reckless

I'm Back From The Trenches, I Clap With A Vengeance

Like Pastors And Reverends, I Grab Your Attention

Each Passed On Sentence, My Stature Is Mentioned

Paragraphs Start Assembling, Each Draft Is Relentless

My Flows Will Match Your Adrenaline

Drop 9 Mixtapes, Charades Was Perhaps Number 7

That Was The God Hour So That Track Was A Blessing

When I Drop Number 10 I'ma Craft My Profession

Get Ready, Cause The Album Is Chapter 11

Blood Is Thicker Than Water Thats An Expression

Would You Take A Blood Bath? I'm Just Asking A Question

You Should Say If Your Blood Pass Through Your Flesh And

Heal Wounds Why Won't You Take A Bath In It Bredren?

See You Watchin My Moves Like Plasma You Peasants

I Could Kill Your Career With The Tracks I'm Presenting

Capture Your Death Wish, In Half Of A Second

With The Wrath Of A Record, Like Asthma You Breathless

Take Comprehension I Presented The Last Of This

Those Who Comprehended Should Be Respected Class Dismissed

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