Papoose - A Fair One (Fat Joe Diss) lyrics

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That's why I punched you in your face you fat motherfucker




East coast tell Joe to shoot me a fair one

West coast tell Joe to shoot me a fair one

Down South tell Joe to shoot me a fair one

Beg for mercy it's controversial

When I say shoot Pap, ya'll say a fair one

Shoot Pap (A fair one)

Shoot Pap (A fair one)

Shoot Pap (A fair one)

Shoot Pap (A fair one)

Beg for mercy it's controversial

R.I.P. to Stack Bundles, I'm sad you had to go

Instead of you dying it should have been Fat Joe

Spit ridiculous sentences, realerlist, gimmicklist, images, infamous lyricist, and I deliver with emphasis

Scars and blemishes burn em at sizzling temperatures

Spitting this syphilis, ignorant, Joe you sensitive

A dick with impotents, prick with benefits

You quick to forget, remember this

I give head shots at high percentages,

I invented this style, so now again at this, call it the genesis

Since you a victim and don't wanna get hit again

Put your hands up to the ceiling, then start surrendering

Killas adrenaline, gotta get rid of the middlemen

Once to the chin, with your mans in them timberlands, trembling

Sending them gremlins, finish em, minimum ten of them

Getting them dividends, spitting with Eminem, Fif and them

Niggas who sit with him, get what they get when I'm giving em

4 fifth in them, whole clip in them, tight gripping, ice picking him, stick it in him and enter like insulin

My answer this make them play instruments in your remembrance

Your mens and them hemraging, injure him over the benjamins

Duke your famine like womens son, Lil Kim and them

Killa was sending them, far from a friend of them

Not feeling him, ladies and gentlemen look how I'm killing him

East coast tell Joe to shoot me a fair one

West coast tell Joe to shoot me a fair one

Down South tell Joe to shoot me a fair one

Beg for mercy it's controversial

When I say shoot Pap, ya'll say a fair one

Shoot Pap (A fair one)

Shoot Pap (A fair one)

Shoot Pap (A fair one)

Shoot Pap (A fair one)

Beg for mercy it's controversial

I heard Fat Joe try to say he ain't get snuffed

Somebody put something in his mouth my zippers stuck

His fat fingers cover the mic when he rap

So when he onstage you hear a lot of feedback

Man I hit hard as a dick, believe that

Even Fat Joe was forced to lean back

This ain't Hatton & Floyd, this ain't the Giants vs. the Patroits

Hov & Nas, Beanie Sigel against Jadakiss

More like Obama versus Hillary, nothing

A intelligent black man against a woman

Baby your grandfather you bastard

You Lil Wayne's son, he should claim you in his taxes

Your manager macho is so arrogant and lame

You stupid ass scarecrow, he looking for some brains

Khaled can't DJ, he trash with his hands

All washed up, a rusty ass tin man

The new terror squad is too ugly for a photo

They two bitches, they like dorothy and toto

Punched you dead in your face, now you keep whining

Always act tough but you the cowardly lion

So tell me how you gonna try to front on a god

When you whole team straight off of the wizard of oz

Put em up, put em up, you lookin for some courage

You should'a had Geico Insurance

In Miami they shot your car up, poor little bizitch

I guess now you need the Geico Lizard

And you got robbed for you TS chain

You tried to buy it back, ain't that some BS man

He had your chain on the internet, yea I remember it

You was calling and begging, we heard the voice massages

When Remy Ma got cut, you ain't ride out partner

You went to Western Union and sent her 900 dollars

Talking bout your whole squad got a scar in they face

That means they were facing the person when they got scraped

Analyze where your scars at cousin

Your scars at the back of your neck, so that mean you was running

The jails don't respect you, they know you don't bang

Charlie Rock lost his eye defending your name

You ain't even hold him down, this nigga's a lame

No bails bond, no commissary, this shit is a shame

When the last time you visit somebody on rikers

Call yourself god and eat pork with non-cipher

You don't look out for Big Pun kids, that's bananas

You a girl, your name should be Fat Joanna

You abandoned New York, why your chain say I-95 South instead of I-95 North

Screaming Yadamean and Dade County out your mouth

You ain't repping the South Bronx, you rep Dirty South

You don't talk like no Bronx nigga, you a ho

Shout to all my real Bronx dude, Wassup Mo

There don't call you crack cause you stashed crack

They call you crack cause your clothes young and they show your ass crack

Bitch how much change you got in your purse

Mad cause you got exposed when I lifted your skirt

Caught you with some good blows so your chin must hurt

I was always taught to hit the big ones first

Tried to put his lights out, let the drama get dark

Approaching Papoose I guess he was trying to get chopped

When he got close to me I was trying to depart

That nigga stinked, I wanted to ask him why did he fart

Trying to size me up, what are you some kind of retard

It ain't the size of the man, it's the size of his heart

You speaking in tongues, think he better stop that tongue play

Cause you don't want no gun play

I'm hood, hit your limousine up in a Hundai

Your dudes can't even buy a sandwich on whole months pay

This niggas a chump slay, he scared to fly

I heard he be shitting on himself on the airplane runway

I just smoked a blunt, I'm hungry

I'm bout to eat this coward up, I got the munchies

Everyday of your life should be Big Pun day

Because before him your everyday was a bum day

And since you the biggest pig in the whole countray

I'm a speak pig latin, you fat unkpay, you usspay

You give me a fair one Monday

I'll smack you into next week and whoop you ass on Sunday

Some take beef serious, some play

Homie I'm a hunter, I want pray

Your man wearing them Clark Kent glasses

He ain't never win no fight

So I ran up on him and soon as I sent that right

Turned to Superman on me, tried to get so hyped

I calmed em down, my left hook is kryptonite

When I stoved on you, you were shaking in your Nikes

All in my face, you stepped on my Timbo twice

You mad cause you called me and I spite so nice

So I had to whoop his ass like Kimbo Slice

Listen to your interview, you take so long to get to the point

You talk to the break of dawn

Put some bruises on your chin but they was gone

On youtube cause you had make up on

Rubbing your fat chin, talkin bout you look pretty

Then got the nerve to say you used to be skinny

You pillsbury doughboy, double neck, I've seen it

Sumo looking stup footage and not need it

Walk up one flight of stairs and ready to stop breathing

Squinting your eyes like your high, but not weeding

Keep talking bout that footage but that was irrelevant

Cause everyone can tell that footage was edited

Niggas tried to stunt on Pap

I went in my Cadillac and came back with a baseball bat

They ain't put that on the internet, I wore them out

Show me the video, I'll point them out

I hit him with the bat, I hit him with the bat

I hit him with the bat, I hit him with the bat

I hit him with the bat, that cat ran

They used to call me Papoose but you could call me Batman

You a hoe, I'll smack you with my backhand

The beat Pap, you cats can't

Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Fat Joe the rapper

Macaulay Culkin, all of ya'll some good actors

Just take it like a man, you got beat up

Can't fight one on one, you goofy punk

The trey 8, the trey pound, what he want

Come on man, I got more treys then free lunch

Mad cause I got a street buzz

But I ain't the first rapper to snuff you, Cuban Link was

You far from a G, to me you just a joke

Real G's don't cut faces, they cut throats

You walk around with cops, I walk with wolves

I don't like no elephants in my room

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