Papoose - 2011 Obituary lyrics

rate me

head today gone today

i never look forward to doing this record

is just my way of payin respect

oh bitch you obituary 2011

you count your blesses

you're not promised tomorrow


outcome ..swingin it ..

January 12 1944 South Carolina future hole of fame for sure

ture ..water melling ...has a phone

mad ei'ts ..with rags and ..

they ..RIP

Amy Whinehouse voice brightest the sun

makes Rnb soul and jazz all in one

born September 14 and 83 north london

where she was slated to be

won Grammy selled records deserved it

suffer form drug abuse but who is perfect

cause of a death alcohol poisoning

she was chosen God makes the choices

the greatest to the ..


dawn and dust ashes to ashes and dust to dust

life and death to the contrary

this is 2011 obituary

meet you at the crossroads

see you at the crossroads..

next ..obituary let em see the white Myers

known as .. future music and magic

starting making noise

having d ..wisdom

case of his death

Steve Jobs he was the ..

he changed the world with his logi c

February 24 in San Francisco


the cause if his death ..cancer


..Dog on the west iconic in the cronic

born 969

made hits with Doctor Dre ..the lest goes on

the ..multiple ..hit it ..

..gill sky

nick .. or Elisabeth Taylor the ..savage

RIP ..RIP Brooklyn see you at the crossroads


2011 Obituary ..

i hope i don't do this next year

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