Outlandish - Out Of Sight

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She was doing dishes <br />

When momma noticed the cuts<br />

Almost called her bluff<br />

Told her to scratch it off<br />

Surprised, but momma didn't make much notice about it<br />

And now she went to sleep and left her alone<br />

<br />

<i>[CHORUS:]</i><br />

And she said like <br />

(oh oh )<br />

She knows like<br />

(oh oh) <br />

She feel like<br />

(she don't want nobody to know)<br />

She love like<br />

(oh) <br />

So strong like<br />

(keep it low) <br />

<br />

Her friends noticed something strange <br />

trippin as well<br />

why can't she find the right words to tell<br />

the marks on her arm was something she done secretly <br />

crying her heart out feeling so torn<br />

<br />

<i>[CHORUS]</i><br />

<br />

Yeah, say what you want but<br />

you all alone and all the time it's hard to see love<br />

probably some teen stuff<br />

I know you want mine<br />

Because I ain't got the time <br />

We scratch the surface some other time, aight?<br />

Speaking of which I heard a rumor going around about ya<br />

Oh I'm sorry if it sounds feels like i'm bothering ya<br />

Why keep it all inside? It's like dying alive<br />

Quiet water runs deep, it shows in your eyes<br />

<br />

Hey, trying to cope with pain misunderstood alot<br />

Upset in the rain, she wish she could make it stop<br />

She feels the need to do what's inside her brain starts to connect the false relief to the act of hurting<br />

<br />

<i>[CHORUS]</i><br />

<br />

<i>[Lenny's part]</i><br />

<br />




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