Outlandish - If Only

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It's all so quiet in here

If only - I got's to do this

If only - yeah

I know I'm takin' ya for granted as hell

Don't care, never talk, when we do, not well

Come home, all tired and straight to bed

U b like; remember salaat

And I be like; forget that

I missed the first 4

Anyhow can't deny my conscious is broke

Double standard - 100, ask me why and I choke

Sistas stay home while brothas hit the clubs

Tale spinning on fast lanes, drinking all up

I give a damn about u'd walk a 1000 miles for me

I won't even go down to the nearest corner shop for ya

Food on the table every time I run home

Praying while the TV is on, my focus all gone

Can't take ya serious when ya blame me for ya misery

Why can't ya be mo like his or her son, I'm sick of it

I wish I could turn back the hands of time

If I could, if I could

I would be ya perfect son

Instead of these tears in du'a

Oh my friend

Can't take it anymore

The pain, the rain, the good times missin'

Help me sing

If only - we could be down

If only - we'd work it out now

If only - we'll be strong, we got's to keep on holdin' on

It wasn't love at first sight, not even the first night

Came later build on mutual respect insight

Ok we argue a lot yaaaaa told u I was leaving

So we say stupid things when we mad but we don't mean 'em

Come on how did u expect us to connect so fast

We knew zero about each other got hooked up by my mother

U was digging Bollywood while I was in to beats and rhymes

Before it all was about me

Now it's all about us

You see relationship's build on support and trust

And we had cracks in both

We came close to a divorce

Then he came in and things got better we thought

All though diapers for our baby's bootie we could barely afford

For now me and you we scrubbing floors together

But someday inshallah we gonna floss together

It's been a bumpy ride so far we'll face it together

No matter the weather

It's me you and ours forever

Si solo yo pudiera

Viajar en el tiempo

Si solo yo pudiera

Volver por un momento

Y sentarme junto a usted

Y hablar de hijo a padre

Sentarme junto a usted

De amigo a compadre

Le diria hay una cosa que no se debe de olvidar

La familia es lo primero, es elemental

Pero supongo que en este punto

Somos diferentes y como reprocharle

Si usted es el ausente

Y ahora que ya no esta de que sirve

No se quien tuvo la culpa pero una cosa quiero decirle

Mi madre me hizo hombre

Ella es fuerte y con orgullo

A ella le debo todo mi pasado mi futuro

If only I could

Travel back in time

If only I could

Go back for a moment

And sit down with you

And talk son to father

Sit down with you

Friend to companion

I would tell you there is a thing you can't forget

The family is number one, is essential

But I guess that in this aspect

We're different and how can I reproach you

If you have always been absent

And now that you're gone it doesn't make a difference

I don't know who's fault it is

But one thing I want to tell you

My mom made me a man

She is strong and proud

To her do I own everything

My past and my future

Why why so quiet

Baby ya think by now

We'd knew any better

Why all this fightin'

Maybe we should talk

Instead of all this hidin'


Holdin' us down

No more

Oh no

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