Outlandish - Heads To The Sky

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Keep ya head to the sky

(every man gotta story to tell bout how the made it into this World)

Back in 1965 in motherlands street cafe

where young men were sitting down

drinking coffee 'till this brother came in

u could tell by the look at his face

that he had something that he wanted to share

a story told by a brother to another

'bout heaven, a lotta money and beer

see everybody who gathered around this special man that sunny night

left the café with a dream about being the one to reach this paradise

among these playas was guy who came from the country side

in love with a beautiful city girl

but didn't have what her daddy required

and since life was to pour, land was too dry

he decided to pack his suitcase

and leave without ever saying bye

couldn't look at his mother

cuz she didn't want him to leave her sweet motherland

but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do

so he said "mamma" I'll be back again"

the he crossed the sea in the words of God

hoping to get on the right way

get his part, meet his demands, pray

fulfill his heart, taking a chance, grow

all alone in the whole new world

A new beginning

as soon as he touched ground

he heard a sound saying his life was about to turn upside down

as fast as he could he got settled with some fellow country men

who had already giving in for gambling alcohol and women

but they were all in the same boat

Left home with the same hope

learned from each others mistakes and then they coped

Mr. dishwasher factory worker

compared to where he came from this job right here was pure luxury

he was no fool though

shit he used his mind as his tool

working his ass of all day at nighttime he went to school

language is power as the years flew on by

he went back home made the love of his life his wife

talking about good shit now lets talk about something bad

lets talk about this fucked up situation one night he had

police pulled him over

thought he was drunk when he was sober

then they thought the car was stolen when in reality it was his Rover

Mr. officer why u harassing my ass

I pulled u over because u black ass was going too fast

suddenly insecurity came upon his face like a flash

was this really the type of future he would like his kids to have

See daddy came

Daddy saw

Daddy took

Daddy got what he gave

A new home and new fam

And a new working place is what he gained

Gave his kids what he didn't have as a child

"U go for the gold"

The opportunity to be whatever they may desire

"U get on a role"

bilingual and beautiful

could there be a sweeter pie

I think not

But I let u decide

In the future


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