Outlandish - Dirty Dirty East

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Okay this one

Goes out to all the people living a dirty life style

You know what I'm saying

Dirty dirty east

Y'all mean south

Naah east playa

Dirty dirty east

Sure it aint south

Naah east playa

Still got love for the south though

North, west & east coast

Bang y'all heads to this beat fool

Gon' ride in the night while we popping them collars

Soy montuno cien por ciento

Una guitarra es lo que tengo

Cada manana estoy contento

Cada noche le canto al viento

El cantar de los cantores

Hace llorar a los mayores

Yo te regalo mis canciones

Remedio a los dolores

De oriente a occidente

Gente vamos ya

Del sur al norte

Mis guajiros a gozar

A si que oye como va

Mi ritmo

Ponte tu a bailar

Es outland

I'm highlander hundred per cent

A guitar is the only thing I have

Every morning I'm so happy

Coz every night I sing to the wind

The song of folksingers

Make the grown cry

I give you my songs

As a remedy to the pain

From Orient to Occident

People come on now

From the south to the north

My guajiros lets get lose

Now listen how it goes

My rhythm

Get up and get your groove on

This is outland

Well it's the dirty dirty east y'all

That's my peeps y'all

Watch the beast

If you don't belly that ass he gon' get ya fast

Dirty dirty east

Where's the meat y'all

Watch the grill

We gon' get our eat on

Pass that bread I'm starving y'all

Can I borrow your bird and make a call

Dirty east life style baby you know

Im that Beduin thug that's running the show

No cash flow still having blast,

Shaking my ass not forgetting my path

My desert caddie cruising streets

I don't pimp hoes I pimp sheep

Pass that waterpipe

I want my high tonight

Life is hard out of sight

Struggle on make it tight

Hey girlfriend can I have some water

At the well I caught her

9 sons and a daughter we share

Making it clear from the dirty dirty

Oye com ova

La raza

Ponte tu a bailar

It's outland


My moms chose my wife

Got it all arranged

I love my mommy cuz she takes care of everything

Without her everyday journey to and from the well

There wouldn't be no water whole village would be looking hell

Enough bragging she got me a pretty girl

You don't need to work

Just help my moms in the kitchen world

And every second year we'll make a baby or baby twins

Don't worry girl ya know my mom's gon' baby-sit

Never depend on me, it depends on my family

That's how we do it's gangsta, how it always be

You don't know me but ey!... we got a whole life's

Under the family tree, eating dates in moonlight

You to me is like what water is to sea ya know

I take it that my moms already told you about the gold

So let me put this henna on ya hand and do the vow

Oh tell ya pops not to worry, I threw in the cow

All my thug moros let me hear you say oye oye

And to the sisters if you with me holla uy uy

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