Outlandish - Belly Dance

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You don't need anyone

Anyone but me and my sheiks

Anyone but me and my peeps

Anyone but this here

Rapverse1 (Waqas)

Let me bust some rap shit

To adapt this you need practice

You never seen nothing like this

Up in the studio El Moro thugged out

Came home late the wife bugged out

Got to see more people belly that ass

More cash and my fam back home will have a blast

We mash

And you ain't got no clue

It's outland moro it's over you through


5 am, still the bounce, up in here

Damn hot, hot as hell, blaze it up playa

My block, in the club, my sheiks big pimping

Tear the club - up whut, let's wild out now


I gots to belly dance with you

Dj gon' blaze it up all night

You gots to belly dance with me

And only be with me

We ain't gon' stop 'til the morning light

Rapverse2 (Lenny)

Tengo ocho barras para declamar

Necesito solo dos para impresionar

Mi vieja me enseño

Que siempre hay que soñar

Por eso sueño

En comprarle un hogar

Todo lo demás si llega

Pues llegará

Cual es mi sendero

Solo Dios sabrá

Este es mi consejo

De un ser humano al otro

No olvides a los tuyos

Y ve por el tesoro


I get eight bars to declaim

I need only two to impress

My old lady said teached me

That you get to dream

That's why I dream on buying her a home

Everything else, if it comes so be it

Which one is my path

Only God knows

This is my advice

From a human being to another

Never forget yours

And go for the treasure


6 am, last dance, forget about it

Talk too much, get y'all hands up, and be about it

The whole joint is full of my moros

Keep banging them heads on the dance floor

Hold up! (Whut) wait a minute now

Ain't no half stepping



I'm that playa

Who y'all can't figga out

Talk all y'all want still number one

Can't get the job done like this Don Juan

Playa, best recognize

Talk, walk, bust, whut

Rapverse3 (Isam)

Ok, stop right there

Ya doing it wrong, not suppose to bounce that ass

Ya belly that ass Understand whut?!

I don't wanna see you shake

Don't make me bitch slap ya ass in front of ya fans

Get out of here!

It's my club, u wuss

Moro be the ish

In school street we trust


Pay A lot Kash In & crush

That is; if y'all aint really showing no love

Trrr mo'fucker!!! Y'all aint ready for this here

Trying to talk behind my back

Cuz it's an outland year

We are entrepreneurs, so yeah we gon' make it

If I ain't a millionaire within atsss fuck it!


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