OUTKAST - When I Look In Your Eyes lyrics

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(Talking) Hey... Uh huh... Well all right... How y'all doin? Yes ma'am... lookin' mighty fine... (Singing) I've been around the world, Seen so many pretty girls, But i still get overwhelmed, when I look in your eyes... Been from Maine to Spaine, But everything seems the same, But I only feel a change, when I look in your eyes... I know you're upper class, I know you got pussaz, Every man wanna kiss your... (gasp) and I do, too, Sometimes I'm just a clown, And everybody puts me down, I guess I'll come around, when I look in your eyes... Tell me what's a man to do? To get close to you? I'm just a lonely fool, when I look in your eyes... Don't tell me no this time, If you do, it will blow my mind, Have you ever seen a grown man cry? Its an awful thang... I guess its time to say good-bye, But I gotta give it one more try, I'm only satisfied, when I look in your eyes... Oh, Please come home with me, Oh, Don't you wanna marry me? I'm even gonna rub your feet, when they stink... (I don't care!) How can I let you down? I'm always gonna be around, I'm simply astound-ed, when I look in your eyes... (Thanks to Boomer for these lyrics)

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