OUTKAST - Tough Guy lyrics

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(feat. U.G.K.)


Everbody on the streets,

This a lil thesis coming from me

When I throw up baggets, sitting at the bar

Or smokin a lil red life in my car

I dont know what you came to see,

Nigga just out here feeding my kids

Throw up the duece and let me slide on by

Cuz everybody wants to be a tough guy

[Verse One: Big Boi]

Crusin down the street, minding my business cuz I'm trill

Stopped at the ATM, grabbed a thousand dollar bill

Now I peel, like apples and peaches because I'm chill

And niggas around my city respect me because I'm real

But still, the things I see from day to day it hurts me

When I'm off in the '79 Seville or the Bonneville

Niggas wanna hurt me, absurd g

I know it, betta believe I tote something for it

And I got a slogan like Nike but it goes like this: "Just Know It"

And I'm not the type of person be riding around yo block just flashy

Just came to the store to get some black and milds and a lil bit of 93 gas,G

Wanna blast me, get sassy, say negative things about OutKast G

Riding all on a nigga dick, all you had to do was just dap me, come slap me

You the bad man, so go ahead and touch my cheek then

But we'll be burying you and your whole motherfucking family by the weekend

I'm calling your bluff, go'n and buck, I got my squad we trapping

AC gone slap this nigga, he aint bucking, he just yapping, yea!


[Verse Two: Bun B]

Say, we took it from packing the pistols,

To jacking this missiles

To stacking my crystals

Now my torpedo's even cracking your missile

When we start, aint no stopping us

We too smart and too popular

Take yo toys and we topple em

Resort to the dopplar

To the agent underground well known as Stankonia

Where trill as niggas go one and bad ass bitches be boning ya

I'm warning ya, niggas i'll fill the middle of yo ?moni up

And make yo broad lick her pony up, its that platinum shit

Called zonia, tell Tommy blow me up

I aint Mariah, bitch I'm the messiah can't no motherfucker show me up

UGK a set nigga, throw me up

Fuck catching a case bitch, i'll lace you and yo homey up.

Cuz we the cream coming out of the crop

The steam coming out of the pot

And the team coming out at the top

Your baddest or not, these niggas getting shattered or shot

Splattered for props, man you should'nt've left your gat at your spot


[Verse Three: Pimp C]

Pimp C bitch, I'm a country star

I got a country mansion and a country car

I got a country bitch, I made a country son

I got some country nuts, I Keep a country gun

I dont fuck with nobody in this shit but bun

So if you pay me a mil, you gotta give that nigga one

Fuck boys talk shit, but them bitch niggas know

That UGK run the streets, and we put dick in your hoe

Whether weed or blow, I keep an open store

I keep my hair cut low, 44 on the floor

You can test me, Snow, we got the glass for sho

Get your mind on your money, cuz you playing with you dough

Bitches who ready to go, say you moving to slow

If you wasn't bout sucking it, what you fucking with me for

The quarters in the side in case you didn't know,

I'm Sweet Jones Bitch and I'm an old school pro, pro, pro


[Verse Four: Dre]

Since the beginnig of time, until the present of now

There are beauty shop playas also intelligent clowns

Got they blue cuts with brown, booty grinding the ground

It's the sound thats created when we get up to get down.

Stimulate my imag-

-ination with exag-

-geration of stanking light

That can't be right but we laughed

To keep from crying, sighing, hugged by cutie-pie and

Deftifying acts of a blacks not scared of dying

Y'all act like you'never take no bubble bath,

Gone to Blockbuster and act like you ain't never cuddled after

You poked her, stroked, soaked her, provoked her

To reach for the sky when she's high on your holster

I'm posed to, roast ya, toast ya, close ya

Motherfucking mouth for I'm almost closed to the end

So when they ask you what school do you attend?

Say Stankonia High, then throw two in the wind.

ha ha ha ha......

[chorus x2]

[Music rides out]

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