OUTKAST - The Rooster lyrics

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Hold up!

Oooh, oooh! Somebody done told you you wrong!

[Verse 1:] Ok, I start out all alone

`Cause my baby mama left me

Now there's nobody at home

Beginning to feel like Ms. Jackson done got cloned!

Well it's some real shit and I'm lving it through this song!

A moving vehicle took my family

As I slept out on the sofa in the Boom Boom Room

I woke up very upset!

I throw the covers back and peek out of the draperies

My daughter, my baby, my baby mama all escaping me!

In the wind, she was my friend

Like Princess Di before she died

Therefore we tried and tried again

But in the end you pay attention to the pluses

But the minuses behind make it seem like you can't win!

[Hook:] Throw your neck out! Throw your back out! [4x]

[Verse 2:] Round two, a single parent, what is Big to do?

Throw a parrty? Not hardly!! i'm trying to stay up outta that womb!!

Or that p-u-s-s uss! I said uss!

Luther Vandross couldn't make a home out of this house that we smooshed

Smashed, pushed to the limit! Smash and turned it timid!

Hell everyone was suffering, the house was feeling wicked hell

The cat got sold, the dog got old, the food got cold!

Both of our tempers were on swolle

For the most part you fuss, fight, fart!

You build it up to break it down and now take it from the start

Repeatedly leading a path that only ends in a clash

Of two stubborn minds, grown folks blind to the sign!


[Verse 3:] K-O, knocked out by technicality

The love has kissed the canvas

Now the whole family is mad at me

My daughter don't want me at her PTA meetings

And then my son he can't talk, when I change him he's peeing

I think he's pissed!

I can't dismiss the matter of the fact because he saw you and me argue

Now the energy is coming back

Set an example, a positive pattern, keep life on track

But I'm married to the music and committed to the wax, tapes and CDs

Baby please, you make me want to scream!

You're on my team starting first string so why are we arguing?



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