OUTKAST - Player's ball (Reprise) lyrics

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Here's a little somethin for the players out there hustlin

Gettin down for theirs

From East Pointe, College Park, Decatur, DeVries...

My man, the scene was so thick

Lowriders, Seventy-Seven Sevilles

El Do's, nuttin but them 'Llacs

All the players (DePorte in the house) all the hustlers

I'm talkin bout a black man heaven here

YouknowhatI'msayin? Yeah


Cadillacs are comin, from everywhere (yeahhh)

Limbo boppin good cause love is in the air

To all you players and you pimps smoke out and have a ball

And if your hoe is actin crazy --

-- put her on the wall

Now now now everybody's dancin and just feelin right

I see all of you players got yourselves laid in on ice

I hope when all y'all dance is over, can I get onn, yeah

My kids'll have a story, that still be told, whoooa, about

All the players came, from far and wide

Wearin afros and braids, kickin them gangster rides

Now I'm here to tell ya, there's a better day

When the player ball is happenin, all day eryday

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