OUTKAST - Player's Ball (Original Version) lyrics

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Scene was so thick, low rides, seventy-seven Sevilles

El Dawgs, nuttin but them 'llacs

All the players, all the hustlers, i'm talking about

Black man heaven, yah know what i'm saying? Peace

[Verse One:]

It's beginnin to look a lot like what?

Follow my every step take notes

On how i creep I's bout ta go in deep

This is the way i creep my season

Here's my ghetto rep i kept to say

The least no no it can't cease so i

Begin to piece my two and two together

Gots no snowy weather have to

Find something to do better bet!

I said subtract so shut up that

Nonsense about some solid nine i got say

Crock if it ain't real it

Ain't right i'm like no matter what the season

Forever chill with spin i get my fin i chill with less

And got my reasons so tell me what did you expect?

You thought i'd break my neck to help y'all deck the halls oh

Now i got nuther means of celebratin i'm gettin biz to that ho-jo i

Gots the hoochie waitin i made it through

To another year cain't ask fo much mo it's Outkast

For the boots i thought you knew so now you know

Let's go


All the players came from far and wide

Wearing afros and braids in every gangstar ride

Now i'm here to tell yah there's a better day

When the player ball is happenin on christmas day

[Verse Two]

Hallelujah hallelujah yah know i do some things more different than i

Used ta coz i'm a player doing what the players do the package store is

Closed okay my deck is woofin this is rediculus i'm gettin serious i'm

Gettin curious coz the house is smelling sick of chitlins all this

Vicious i make no wishes coz the modern folk is in the back gettin tipsy

Off the nog-en and i's in a hellova contact smoke they havin a smoke out

In my back seat they passing herb reminding verses coz it's in the air i

Hit the parks hit the cuts i'm makin switches clicking the switches side

Ta side lookin for bitches watchin for snitches i'm wide open on the

Freeway my pager broke my vibe coz a junkie is a junkie three sixty

Five it's just another day of work to me the spirit just ain't in me

Grab my pistol and my ounce see what they junkies got to give me coz

It's like that, yeah

Clever pimpin, never slipin, that's how it is {check it!}

[Verse Three]

Ain't no chimminies in the ghetto so i won't be hangin my socks on no

Tip how far does it tick fix me a drink i got the remedy so bring in

That ham {not!} don't need no ham {hocks!} don't play me like i'm smokin

Rocks i got the money we gots the freaks in the dungeon just to let you

Know coz in ninety three that's how we comin so hoe hoe hoes check my

King ass fro the gin and juice gots me tipsy so on

It goes hit me ten and i'll serve you then now we in the corner in my

Cadillac my heart does not go pitty pat for no rat i'm leaning back my

Elbows out the windows cold rhyming indo fills my body where's the party

We rode deep we dip to underground see's a lot of hoes around i split my

Game while waiting count down a five fo a three two here comes the one a

Do yah have me copy folks spark another one

Here's a little something for all the players out there hustling, gettin

Down for theirs, from east point, college park, decatur, devrai, you

Know world wide, down for theirs

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