OUTKAST - Pj & Rooster lyrics

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[Talking] - Percy Junior, Percy Junior what's that you playin? - Working on somethin new. - Sounds like some bullshit. I mean, you really think the audience is gonna... - ... Well Rooster said I could play what I want. - No, nevermind anything that Rooster tell you. And we'll play the stuff I like, k? [Verse 1 - Andre] Ain't nobody like my style, yeah. I like my fire, yeah. They glow without it. And don't nobody wanna feel like that, no. Monkeys on my back crawl. And watch them all fall. Go fall, Look out! [Bridge] Nobody wanted to dance when I had a lot of time on my hands. Now I got a lot of hands on my time. And everybody wanna be a friend of mine, whoa whoa! I wouldn?t mind a friend, the fellas back at home all trying to win. Moon keeps shinin? on bootleg bottles Cops in the street keep ya feet on the throttle Selling what ya got can?t afford A model. Yellin go PJ go! [Verse 2 - Andre] Ain?t nothing idle, everything is wild yea. You can be hit now, yeah (Soon as you turn around) He in the ground, yeah (Boy is 6 feet underground) And ain?t no bible, at this here church, no. You won?t find God no, Might meet him first, aw. Oh God, Look out! [Bridge] Nobody wanted to leave, house so packed that we couldn?t even breathe. And ain?t no better place to fall in love, Angel sent from heaven above. Swing down and help change your life, you might make a baby might meet your wife But watch your thing that you wanna say, deep down south that?s a lil? old place. Them Idlewild cats man they don?t play Don?t make me send the telegram to Rooster, he?ll shoot ya. [Big Boi] And you don?t want to take it to the gat so soon. --------- waiting in the upper room Yell ya make ya say ya prayers you some players but you made up mashed potatoes, That potatoe, blast you hater, blast the gator. So you might just wanna kick back and drink goose, Take that to ya home and relax, break loose ---- But if she choose, she gon walk away from you straight to the Rooster Because he?s cock-a-doodle-cool, what they do fool? Moon shine run the small town clap shootin all time ---- gotta match your suit and hat. All casper suing kind robbers out the wild Time to break it on break it on down now Percy?ll that it on out [Andre] Say whoa nelly, whoa nelly Say whoa pappy, whoa pappy Say whoa mammy, whoa mammy, Say whoa pappy, whoa Everybody get up. No, no, no, no get down (fade out) (Thanks to Kathleen for these lyrics)

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