OUTKAST - Nathaniel lyrics

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Shit man

Nigga gotta go on the got down

Get the shit straight when I got damn get out

Well shit

This what really goin down

Whassup my nigga another day the same shit

Punk-ass C.O.'s on a nigga dick

Got me up at three o'clock cookin nappy grits

I'm a G from C.P. I can't take the shit

Tryin to hold a nigga down in this country ass town

I'm used to smokin chronic movin pounds

They got a nigga on some "Sir, yessir, left right left"

Throw me in a hole if my ass outta step

They treat you like a motherfuckin slave

Dopefiends, cryin Jesus, swear they saved

Niggaz better get they game tight

Cause these crackers tryin to take a nigga life and they rights

I'm surrounded by fake-ass crooks

They swear they kingpins but don't have money on they books

I hear so many lies it make me sick

These niggaz called ballers sellin dimes and licks

I can't wait til the day they let me go

So I can eat some steak and shrimp

grab a mic, and bust a flow

I'm Audi 5 nigga lights out

Hold it down on the streets until the day that I get out

I'm out man

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