OUTKAST - Mamacita lyrics

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Mahogany team queens up on the rise

Be careful, watch your back, blackbirds don't wear disguise

How we comin, comin hard.. camels too slow

Stick up kids do anything, hustlers keep loot to show (what?)

The game is hot you could never be a winner

Just begun a game so considered a beginner

Masada for real, this shorty here is here to say

Mahogany go platinum after after that we just parlay

I'm from the Bricks we get kicks, offa loud gun shot licks

Fuck stones and sticks, loudmouths get nicks

This life is plus I be the bill-be-board, Scarface want

italiano, I'm the real McCoy, nigga what?

Can't be a joke I've been through too many games

Niggaz laugh, but my expression wasn't hardly the same

Show me respect cause it's due, you keep the fear

cause I'll get over and believe I'll come back at you

Mamacita, papadonna <i>[4X]</i>

<i>[Andre Benjamin]</i>

Yo, now

You and your nigga shit shaky

And at the time your heart feel down and broke like Achy Breaky

Lump in your throat, feel like a trachea, oh dummy

The pain that's in your chest done made it's way

down to your tummy, you wide open, you start smokin wit ya girl

She nigga bashin sayin you don't need em in your world

Niggaz all dogs? If niggaz all dogs, then what you call broads?

Felines in heat, meowin for some yawn balls

Now you and hear done got to drankin

Oh now it's really crunk, cause y'all silly drink

and your girl done got to thinkin

She talkin bout, "Girl you look so beautiful"

You say thank you bein nice you try to change the subject

Want some beans and rice? But she's back at you like a pit

mixed with a chihuahua how much meaner can you get?

Don't let her have her way with you she's gonna have a fit

You're the candy apple of her eye and bout to get bit

here's what you do -- you

grab her by her neck, throw her on the wall

Say, "Bitch don't ever disrespect me never not at all"

These simple words can put a pause to half of the applause

Them black ball laws of balance at all cost

Mamacita, papadonna <i>[4X]</i>


Que pasa, que pasa? Check this out

Quiet nights like this, might twist one for the moda

on the balcony, I got a sofa

Nights like this is perfect, for this Spanish Fly

Can you come over, somethin, I wanna show ya

Told ya once we was gon' take a trip, touch you

with my lips where you like it, it's time, don't fight it

Piggy-back ride to the sofa, in the microwave

I got your favorite Stouffer's, lasagna, that's how much

I want ya, fuck flowers

The ceremony starts from the shower with the water

I got somebody's daughter in the Doctor headquarters, chillin

Prepare for this sex drillin, she said somethin in Spanish

Got me feelin mannish, me and you fin' ta vanish

real quick, feel this shit, got cheese, tryin to make cheese

to get you pregnant overseas

Maybe make sho' that's my seed

Quiet nights like this, bachelor like me is single

Talkin to you Miss Bilingual

Let's mingle in the crowd, watch them show, pop some Moet

Tryin to get you so wet, never been to Spain

Never been a lame, horny, ever since I been a tiny

Fuckin with niggaz with ageless bodies

Talkin to me, while I squeeze it bare

Let me talk to you while I run my fingers through your hair

Mamacita, papadonna <i>[4X]</i>

<i>[Big Boi]</i>

Friday night boi, breakin the old school out, boi we cruisin

Bout fo' niggaz and fo' hoes, it ain't gon be nobody losin

but they choosin

Better get in where you fit in cause it's crucial

I'm tryin to cut bout two of them girls

cause that just what I'm used to

I mean that, the first that look my way

just gon' get splack packed

To the front to the back there's Cognac

Got my throat, burnin like burlap

Everybody cheezin, knowin these hoes gon' cut like pleasers

These hookers they praisin my crew

like Reverend Hodo be praisin Jesus

The easiest was the meanest, but the skeezer was a beanie

she thought we was some motherfuckin genies

So I checked her, like the king I am, no disrespect intended

Told her, and her silly friends,

"Get out" before they got offended

To the Laquinta we went, layin them hoes down

on the freestyle tip, geyeah!

Mamacita, papadonna <i>[8X]</i>

Permecito, senorita, mamacita

Mira mira, what's your name? Maria

Same as mi tia, de Colombia

I don't, in Atlanta, Georgia

And you don't think I got nuttin for ya?

You must be crazy

I'm out here tryin to feed my baby

Lil Bre, can't you see? Sheeyit

Do it one more time, sheeyit

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