OUTKAST - Mainstream lyrics

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<i>[Verse 1:]</i>

Revolutionary, scary

Thought provoking, spoken,

Words of a chain I don't feel but I see,

visions from me

at twenty three making us free in my community

one day is what I live for,

ain't thinking about no hope no more

I got my boots I kick it till I get with

Adapt and overcome, oh hum hum

Go get my gun, load up for fun, and put down with the frown

What goes round comes round from M.L.K. to cascade

I know its through them plenty figures

cocaine dealers walk the wrong side

up in they rides,

looking cleaner then I seen them the last time

Then selling dimes, now its quarter keys, stacking G's

In the South Indies

my nigga them folks riding bicycles among vehicles

off in the hood

Knowing each and every nigger sellin', but can you blame

the fact the only way a brother can survive the game

the block hard to get by the dope dealing, fatal killings

in fair times so writing rhymes

it ain't just the police

we kill each other just lost another brother

fast living will get you took,

thinking it can't happen to you and then it do

off crooked schemes its just a dream

floating face down in the mainstream


Think it is when it ain't all peaches and cream

that's why some are found floating face down in the main stream

<i>[Verse 2:]</i>

They swan divin'

fit they name be thrashing an album

go-kart rushin' to finish their album then you find them

lost, dog paddling, back stroking, what done happened?

be rhymin' catching the day when the recipe calls for black and

wrong ingredients,

maybe too much herbs and spices,

maybe you got hungry for the wrong dish

southern greens and this entice them how them joke the same

so I'm gonna sing just like them to get where they at

I'll even break my by back to touch their rim if I gotta

My alta mater be that I follow

I bite whatever that's looking tasty, water it down then swallow

I hope you vomit, won't call no names cause that's not my job

it just applies to whom it may concern you know who you are

but if you don't you never will, you just receive the steel

but then it might get ugly cause trust me niggas do feel

the way that I felt when I wrote this, but we must stay in focus

we kings and queens up in this thing, get rid of all them jokers

face down, face down, face down


<i>[Verse 3:]</i>

I let you stay in my crib, now you know where I live

when you was hungry, fed you a hot meal, look at the hand you deal

me crudball business giving niggers inches so here, take a foot

luck only counts in rabbit's feet and horseshoes,

experience is sometimes the best teacher until we get our own plate

I hope you don't mind me eating off of yours,

process momma moping like jerry

meanwhile, fairies of the street tinkling pixie dust over greenery

never to obtain another level of con-science

only to test, to poke and see

why laying here, they scheme over one another mouth to feed

??? with a decision to make, now words shake your destiny

but a missle will take it all the way just as quick as you can say

I wish I never did what I did now face this bid

it was the company you kept, the many places you slept

when you shouldn't have, geeking like a rat, jumping like a trap

contributing to sin and your nigga bitch in the court showing paper thin

got you niggers where they want you again,

floating face down in the mainstream

thats why, thats why, thats why


<i>[Verse 4:]</i>

Everybody's a player, rubbin them kangols on their head

thinking its all about your clothes, nigger its all about your self

the way you feel about your life, the times that you done shared with

your friends and family, up and down like hoes give head

to dicks oh, six, serving them in the mix, but ain't no mystery

you know the history about this clique bitch

oh, what, you want me to call you slut?

then why you fucking all them niggers letting them all up in your guts

but see that AIDS I'm afraid that's why I play the quiet role

I lay in the cut, every month thinking I'll let that fire roll

like chimneys, and smoke signals, maybe peace pipes even

my partners call me Big Boi and my first name is not Steven

in the mainstream, home team banging them with these hits

in the mix flowing like some motherfucking swordfish

<i>[Chorus x4]</i>

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