OUTKAST - Land Of A Million Drums lyrics

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In the land of a million drums

there is always something going on, on, on, on

If you can't locate your thought off

might as well go on take your dead home, home, home, home

<i>[Big Boi]</i>

In the land of a million drums

I catch a pattern that spit rings around you like Saturn

Intergalatic tracks I make 'em like magstrulium

This one for scooby, pass the doobie imma do me one, do me one

Only you clean over

I pick up the mic and rock it while I'm sober

For the rated G exposure if you listen what I'm tryin to told ya

We fathers with seeds of our own

We're talkin about sons and daughters boy, not roots and clones

Now that the theory gone wrong

An embryo with no soul

Stuck in this green mini-van with my lungs in a chokehold

Shaggy pass the boombastic

Daphne said don't do that

Freaky Fred smashed the gas and slammed us into traffic

Now Scrappy wanna box and throw them bows

so I had to sic the pitbull on him before he could pass one blow

Scooby-doo, scooby-doo, scooby damn doo, scooby doo (Scooby doobie doo)


<i>[Killer Mike]</i>

Woke up from a long night of hanging out with Shaggy

Oh no, lost my last baggy of scoobie snackies

Shaggy wake up, we've been had

Our scooby snacks they got the whole stash

He said, who who, I don't have a clue

I suspect the thirteen ghosts of Scoobie Doo

Call Vincent Price up on the Nextel

Tell him to send another package right through the mail

In the meantime, I'mma call Thelma to tell her

To get the Mystery Machine ready

I'm two-wayin Daphne and Freddy

Me and Shaggy dressed in all black, strapped

Dippin through the flash tryin to get our stash back

Roundin up suspects, collection' clues

I got a question, where the hell is Scooby Doo when you need em?

The hound's only found when you feed him

In fact he probably got my sack

Tell him holler back


<i>[Andre 3000]</i>

Break it down, break it down baby 'til the flow jumps off the ground

Ooo break it down lookin' over yonder til the walls come tumblin down

Ooo, yes lord y'ain't gotta tell me two times but you know I know

Ooo, break it down, break it down baby 'cuz I want y'all all to know

We rock the world


I coulda got away with it, if it wasn't for ya meddlin kids

(oh oh, oh no) <i>[Until song fades out]</i>

<i>[Thanks to xyankschicx for these lyrics]</i>

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