OUTKAST - Flip Flop Rock lyrics

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(feat. Killer Mike, Jay-Z)

[Big Boi] Yeah.. ATLiens style on y'all ass


[K. Mike] Killer Mike, Roc-A-Fella collaboration - holla!

[Y. Hova] Young Hov' in the place to be

[Y. Hova] Big Boi in the place to be (Young)

[Y. Hova] Andre 3000 (cash) shout out to public housin (bitch)

[Y. Hova] I brought (holla) the whole hood with me

[Big Boi] You got red dirt in your afro

[Y. Hova] Young Hov' in the place to be (yeah)

[Y. Hova] OutKast in the place to be (yeah)

[Verse One: Big Boi]

Did you ever think that you would be the nigga on the block

Didn't have to break a steerin column, didn't have to cook a rock

A damn goodie two-shoes, that what they call ya

Never judge a person or a book by it's covers

Just because my tone is darker than yours, a little tanner

You never took the time out, examine yourself boi

.. are you black, white, asian?

Indonesian, or Borean - that's black and Korean

We on the same team if we breathin

I jumped off the subject to see if you was seein

that we drop a little science off in every verse

They put that P.A. sticker on it cause they scared we gon' curse

But the knowledge is the power, the cowards get devoured

Any hour, any cipher, any way to any height

Because I might just SNAP on a FUCK-ass nigga

Might clap a cap at a sucka-ass nigga

In the meantime, Daddy Fatsacks gon' chill out

He might just, pull out his pistol

and let that thang whistle at your windshield or your residence

Superman to Clark Kent, you better be way harder

than the park bench to start this

Marcus, Jason, my little brother James

All my brothers from my momma but Andre is just the same

Ain't no uno, we a duo; deuce dos to a pair

A player stiffen the competition

Pressed like Levi's and toughskins, one minus one

Negative one minus negative one is nothin

Bustin d-boy raps and player poems

The 'Kast shit ain't plastic, we smash it and move the crowd

And rock the crowd original material while you bore 'em

Your live show consists of everybody's shit but you're-uns

Do your own shit! In your live show (bitin ass nigga)

[Chorus: Jay-Z - repeat 2X]

Young Hov' in the place to be

Big Boi in the place to be (Young)

Andre 3000 (cash) shout out to public housin (bitch)

I brought (holla) the whole hood with me (yeah, yeah)

[Verse Two: Big Boi]

Penelope Ann Cruz couldn't snooze

with her +Eyes Wide Shut+, before I asked to hit her gut

If you brunette, +Legally Blonde+ I might respond

Take you to +Swan Lake+ and beyond

Antwan raps on, raps on, clap off clap on

I switch the flow so quick you cannot fa-thom

I take a submarine two thousand leagues below the sea

and try to grab one line or sentence

Rhyme repentance, find the illest lyricist

And give him a clean bill of health

Wealth might make you look good but you sound like shit

And your team lookin shitty to death

[Verse Three: Killer Mike]

My nigga Big Boi said, watch 'em as they gawk and they gander

You can follow or lead like Commander Picard

You can have +The Whole World+

Or be satisfied with the boulevard, overstand

this young player's rhyme

I foregoed the crime and I focused on rhyme

Focused on every word, and line

Like a young Cassius Clay in his prime

I was born to talk shit and prove mine, and I'm

the epitome of raw rhyme

Got signed, got serious about the craft

of raw rhyme and I got mine - Aquemini's

murderous monster move minds

Did it so hard that it oughta be a crime

When you see I'm comin holla one-time, holla one-time

When you see I'm comin holla one-time (one-time)



Don't, you, like, to groove

In your hooptie on your old, flip, flop, sweatshoes

To run yo' tennis shoes

Don't, it, matter to you

That OutKast we got that slump for y'all

Keep that funk for y'all

[Verse Four: Jay-Z]

When I'm in the mood I rock the S Dot tennis shoes

At the interlude, I got the Gucci flip-flops

And I, fix it up like gin and juice when I'm them interviews

dudes wanna know what he copped

And where you got that, and how could they buy that

Where the million dollar watch at, stop that!

Why that, why this, niggaz wanna hijack the flyness

I'm on a whole 'nother plane

A whole different lane, a whole 'nother game that I'm playin

Understand what I'm sayin

Hov' and OutKast, whatchu think about that?

Really don't matter though what you niggaz chatter though

Anybody get out of line then you trust

that the mac'll go b-r-r-r-r-ap, got you killed for that alone

Back on the shit, back on the strip

Another hit I'm not gon' miss


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