OUTKAST - Bust lyrics

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(feat. Killer Mike)

[Intro:] Ghosts and goblins run amock

In the caverns of rhine

Slinging petty corruption

The seventh sign!

[Hook:] Yeah!!!!

Give to you and I do what it takes!

To give it to you!

Bust, Bust!

[Big Boi:] Step into the realms os space where nobody goes

Only the baddest motherfuckas are the ones that are chose!

Some of the coolest individuals on the planet we said

Best believe that we can buck or give a damn if we cared!

No collision supervision but my family is here

Now my mama taught my niggaz that was under the stairs

One of those who chauffeured life and then was unprepared

But my hunger is the thought that no wonder it can't be smothered

Or buttered up, buttercup, melt your sauce

You a Chucky Cheese bouncer chumpin' off the boss

What I'm trying to tell you now is that you're softer that soft

And I'm sick as a cough, did I mention it's raw?

Your predicaments flaw

Flaw means fucked up and serving out the oven not fried, slow roast

No coast, tuck your tail and hide!

You scared?


[Killer Mike:] I officially do it with duns on tour

We lock down traps, push caps galore

My wiz cook work `til it scale like fish

My old earth even known to handle biz

I serve whipped, out of whips, whip out cash

Usually keep a G packed under the dash

Try to test my gangsta, I bring harm

I'm as slick as Freeway Rick and Nicholas Barnes

My uptown Nikes hold caps and cheddar

My waistline hold a 4-pound Baretta

I'll shoe lace your face just to learn you better

My ox so sharp it cut through leather

My rap name Killer, my street name Skunk

I mastered the music that was born in the BRonx!

I switch my slang spit from my mouth

I'm still all coast, my coust the South!!!


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