Out Of Eden

Out Of Eden - There is a Love

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V 1:

I've had a lot of thought about this thing called love

And I've wondered how our feelings came to stay

So many use a love for another thing called lust

Confusing hearts so they can have their way

Sorry I can't play that game, my head is on too straight

I respect ly life, so never underestimate

I know God has the one who will love me enough to wait

Never selling short because I know that there's a love


There is a love [ That's worth the wait to find what you believe in ]

There is a love [ To find someone who'll stand and say the vow ]

There is a love [ There is a love that says I'll wait for you respect you in the way God showed me how ]

V 2:

I've come to the conclusion that we must shed the illusion

That love is just a way that you'll be used

That love with respect will never come to you

You don't have to search around, rely on Him and stand your ground

Delight yourself with the things from above

Open your eyes, and you'll find that there's a love



Don't give in to the ways of the world

And the lies that they tell you [ The lies that they tell ]

Don't believe in the tricks that your mind plays on you

Cause when it's all said and done, in the end you'll find

That you know there's a love


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