Out Of Eden

Out Of Eden - Spirit Moves

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I can feel the Spirit

When it moves down in my soul

As it comes to make me whole

Said I, I can feel the power

As it washes over me,

As it comes to set me free

Said I, I glow

Nothing can ease the healing, nothing can replace the feeling

Said I, I know

It's a real move deep inside, and it's too divine to hide

If you open up your heart, open your mind

If you give it all away, what you would find

Throw your hand in the air and close your eyes

And you can never get enough

Of the love and the power you'll receive

When you fall down and you hit your knees

So amazing what your eyes will see

If you're ready when the Spirit moves


I can feel the Spirit

When we bow our heads in prayer

Let the Lord just take us there

And I know

Ain't nothin' quite the same

As the fire that's in the place

When you call upon His Name, I'm telling you

(You can't run and you can't hide) No need to try at all

(It'll bring a change inside) When the anointing falls

(Don't need no other high) Can't get no higher, I know

(Don't let it pass you by) Just let the Lord take control

Oooh and when the Spirit falls

You hear Him call

You should answer Go ahead and let go

(Let God) take control

Know there's nothing better

When the Spirit falls, let go,

Let God just take control Of your soul

You know you should answer 'cause you

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