Out Of Eden

Out Of Eden - River

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It's hard to see that

Hard to believe that I once was all on my own, ohhh yeah

'Cause You've been faithful,

And I'm so grateful that you never left me alone

(Oh it's so good to know)

To know that You are with me all of the time

(You'll never let me go) and I am walking with You to stay alive ohhh


When the mountains fall

when the stars collide

I know You'll be there

Standing by my side, oh-oh-oh

When the river runs

Overflows the seas

I know You'll be there

still be lovin' me

Some try to tell me

That there's another something

That fulfills like You do, mmm

But I'm not leaving

There's nothing out there

Not a thing more precious than You ohhh yeah

(I have no need to fear)

My Father watches over me night and day, yes he does

(My choice is very clear)

I'm so delighted to be walking Your way



Never have to worry

(mmm my God)

I'll never have to fear

'Cause You are always near, taking good care of me


I'll never have to worry

I'll never have to fear

(my God)

'Cause You are always near, and You will still be lovin' me

Chorus (5x)

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