Out Of Eden

Out Of Eden - No Turning Back

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I remember begging my mom for these Z. Cavarricci's

With a striped genera shirt just to rock with these brutini's

I begged and I begged, of course she said no

So I committed to cutting grass just to conjour up the dough

With a little extra change I'll cut a slope and a fade

I'll be the freshest of the men in the midst of ninth grade

It's crazy how we place these small things as important

While the monument's reminding us of washed up Jordan's

Rivers that is, not the b-ball player, told the mountains to

Move and now there's no more Himalayas

Had to set the devil straight since he was highly overrated

Spoke and mountains moved and then the Alps disintegrated

Racing through the fire I perspire like He times me

And cross the finish line to realize that He's refined me

Can't wait for morning breaks as joy turns from sorrow

Busting victory laps around mount Kilimajarro

Oh, we've made it this far and there's no turning back now

With all of the joy deep inside

We'll be praising His name, clapping hands while we're singing

And dancing 'til the morning light, that's right, that's right

Weight upon my shoulders, held a burden and they thought

I'd never make it over, so I had to prove them wrong

I never stopped believing, not a doubt in my mind

The blessings I'm receiving, have cast the fears aside, yeah

Wasn't easy, I got to let you know, had a lot to overcome

But He loves me, he showed me the way to go

Feels like life has just begun

[Rap: Coffee]

I'm a scream from the rooftops,

freckled face figment, light

Complected pigment, least expected

remnant, over flooding

Supercharged englarged freshly

gutted, surgically removed was

The flesh Jesus cut it.

Was allotted when I got it, most

Happiest, most joyful, vibrant,

vibrating, dance around

Illustrating. My matrix, a labyrinth,

a maze, a holographic image,

No end to my phonographic limits.

If you've seen it once you've seen

It twice, propelling, stopping swelling

by applying bags of ice

I'm open, before receiving Christ in

darkness groping, Proverbs 4

The focus of the diagnosis spoken made

the decision to collision

With incision self division multiplying

and relying, sinful dying

Cling to vision thank God in all I do,

uh-uh, thank God in all I do

Can't entrap me and I'm happy born anew

Won't be easy, I've got to let you know

There's a lot to overcome

But He loves you, He'll show you the way to go

You will feel like life has just begun

[Rap: Bonified]

I got to keep moving and never carry the weight

Trying to do it myself instead of walking in faith

Leaving the rest to Him, giving my best to Him

And put my flesh to death without a breath to take

Had to battle the beats and overcame defeat

Another factor of the seven from the garden of Eden

Bonafied a true survivor of the wilderness

Blessed beyond I gotta move on I gotta move on

If you wanna dance with me

Now's your chance to be totally set free

If you're in the groove

And you know God is seeing you through

Better make your move

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