Out Of Eden

Out Of Eden - It's Me

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Here I stand at the door of your heart just knockin'

Won't you let me in I can take away the sin that lies within

I know what your wanting to say

But can only think, can only pray that someone hears

You hide all your secrets in that private place

If you only knew that you mind is open to my eye

I know the truth, I know what you need to fill the void in you

If you only knew that it is me

It's me, that you are searchin' for

It's me, that you are thinkin' of

It's me, that can't live without

It's me, It's me

Here I am, but still you try everything

To give you only what I can

Always hoping that someone'll understand, oh please

It all awaits you if you just taste and see

I am what you need

What did I do to make you turn so very far away

What's to lose when you have it all to gain

I know you, and what you are and what you want to be

If you only knew it's all in me

It is me, that you're searchin' for

Nobody else can no one can give you more

It is me, that you're thinkin' of

I can show you love, real love

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