Out Of Eden

Out Of Eden - If You Really Knew

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What you don't know can lead you to the extremes

Shunning help though you feel a need

You fear to be caught limping and you lose your place

And "Leaning On The Everlasting Arms" is not your taste

Maybe you've heard those stories,

Laughed at what you saw on TV

Or felt disgust as He was used as an excuse for bigotry

But I've got to tell you, that's not what it's all about

'Cause the truth I know will turn you around


If you really knew

You would change your mind

If you knew the God I know

You would have the time

If you take a chance, I know you will find

Everything you need in love of another kind

I, too, have been hurt by those who claimed to show the way

It was crazy, their two faces like night and day

But you don't stop believing 'cause you once been burned

In everything, there's a lesson learned

Man is imperfect, there is just One Perfect Soul

So much more loving than than one that you've been shown, oh

How long is it gonna take for you to realize?

I wish that you would open your eyes

Repeat Chorus


I apologize to you,

On behalf of the untrue

Because the God I know would never do the things they do

Mercy and compassion on the right and on the left

Can you give anymore than your last breath?

Oh, too hard to see, well put your mind aside

And stop using fear to hide behind

Chorus X2

Bridge 2

God's love is enough for you

And it's waiting, if you only knew


Bridge 2 till fade

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