Out Of Eden

Out Of Eden - Heart of Hearts

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V 1:

You tried to play with my mind, play me like a fool

You wanted to get with me, but that couldn't be

You wanted to have my heart so you could break it

It would've torn me apart, but you couldn't take it

Cause that is not in the plan, that will not take place

You might as well understand by the look on my face

There is someone who loves me, & will always be

He's the truth & the life, He has set me free


He's the one & the only

He's the one that showed me

I can depend on Him, in my heart of hearts

He will stand the test of time, over any otherline

I know he's the best in my heart of hearts

V 2:

So many people around tried turn me away

But I know that I have found, I will always stay

Right beside the One who has changed my life

Shining bright as the sun is His face to mine


You cannot turn me away from the One that I need most

I've decided long before, there's no need for me to search anymore




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