Out Of Eden

Out Of Eden - Gotee's Groovin'

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V 1:

It ain't nothin' but a good thang

What we've got goin' here

A little somethin' different to get your attention

A brand new dimension, to change your mind

3 sisters who's roots are in the family

Without fantasy, only that the eye can see

A lot of love, and the bonds of unity

Open your heart to how it should be


Hey everybody come along cause Gotee's Groovin'

Set your mind at ease cause we'll keep the people movin'

V 2:

Now that you know what we came to do

Just swing to this betta make you move

On tha Bandwagon that is coming soon, don't get left behind

Cause one day I'll fly away, to a place where the groove keeps on movin'

Take my hand, hold on tight, Just come along


Rainy days, your life's a haze

No time to play at all, cause all your troubles

Relax your mind, set your troubles behind

Heed the call of the one who knows all



Come wit me follow Gotee goin places

Sweet molasses for the masses

Uplifting the races

Goulish is tha flow as the nitwit hits tha grit hit

While OOE stacks tha back up with the phat cup

Manuevering my intellect the groove just hoovers me

Then I check your person on certain subject and matters

The battle is bone the team is Gotee

Who can it be but Grits makin' hits with Out Of Eden


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