Out Of Eden

Out Of Eden - Giving My All

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Everyday I face my fears

Will I make it through the years of all the pressures,

All the bad times that come my way

And then there's the enemy around

Who wants to make me lose my ground for earthly treasures

All the wrong paths that I could take

But I've decided that my goal

Is to give you sole control and to love you

Because you've done just so much for me

Oh, you've set my spirit free

And you've cared so faithfully I want to know you

And everything that you are

I am giving my all to you

Tryin' to do the best I can to make sure that I do your plan

I'm giving my life to you

Gave me life and set me free you put your light inside of me

I never knew life could be so tough

Or that this race would be so rough, but though I struggle

I know I'll be alright in the end

'Cause every time that I fall down

You have always been around to be near me

To wrap me in your arms again

How you shower me with grace

Every time I see your face and you love me

So that I don't want to do wrong

So to you I sing this song and I pray for help

To keep on goin', never stop

Oh, through my life's story, I want to give you glory

Life tries to bring me down, for your love I'll stand my ground

Your heart has received me, and you will never leave me

No time to play the games, now that I know that you came to save me

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