Out Of Eden

Out Of Eden - Draw You Near

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I woke up on this morning

And misery surrounded me

And I am forced to face a day

I didn't even want to begin

God knows I'm going through it

And it's hard to imagine I can make it this time

As my sadness mounts I pray that this day will end

Cry myself to sleep and then start again

When the world loses its luster

And you're feeling sad and lonely

And you need someone to be there

In your time of need

You can turn your eyes to the heavens

And their creator's watching over you

With arms of love to hold you and draw you near

You're in the midst of heartache

Perhaps you've lost a loved one

Lost all your faith-can barely pray

For the strength you need to go on

Well, darling don't give up now

I know that inevitably this too shall pass

Trouble doesn't last always

Hold on through the pain

I believe the sun will outlast your rain



(just) just to take the pain away


so you can see a better day oooh

oh i know you can find the strength

that you need to get you through what you're going trough

so when the world seem to crush down on you

(hold on) don't worry (hold on)

no matter(hold on)

He hears you (hold on)

keep praying 2x


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