Out Of Eden

Out Of Eden - Drama Free

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Oh no, I'm not the one you see

So don't you go confusing me

I've got a different mentality

I'm trying to be drama free

You stress me out and that's the truth

I don't want no substitute

For the peace of my mind that comes to me

‘Cause I'm living drama free

Can you give me one bit of rest?

Gotta say you didn't pass the test

I thought about it but you ain't God's best

You're just not what I need

Tried to run a stupid game on me

I'm not blind I see quite clearly

Can't have you disrespecting me

So I'm gone just like the breeze

Can you give me just one bit of space?

Girl I love you but you're driving me insane

Gossiping always into trouble and then

You want me to justify

Tired of hearing stories, he said, she said

Tired of hearing ‘bout the crazy things you did

Would you listen to me just once or twice?

Make a difference in your life

But you don't now


I've made changes I know you see

No more old this is my new leaf

Leaving behind all that's stressing me

Needlessly, drama free

(Oh oh oh) Can you hear me?

(Oh oh oh) Can you feel me?

It's not that I don't care about it

It's just that I've got to do without it

(One) My choice to just be done

(Two) Hope I made it clear to you

(Three) Something that works for me

(Four) Don't want the drama no more

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