Out Of Eden

Out Of Eden - Bandwagon

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V 1:

I see the same things so many times

People search but only use their minds

Search for something they cannot see, therefore they can't believe

They want a promise that will never lie

What they desire can't be seen by the naked eye

They must take a step of faith & believe in the unseen.


Do you want a ticket on the train to Paradise, even though you can't see the track

Trust him & he'll lead you all the way to Paradise

And you'll never have to look back

V 2:

Although thimes seem hard & I know,

It's hard to walk when you don't know where to go

The valley of the blind is what you seem to go through all of the time

Well again, again, again my friend, take heed to what I say

Put your trust in the Lord I know He'll show you the way

Be ye strong in this hour, & do rely on his power

You want to live you must recieve, even what you can't conceive

Trust in God, believe me you'll have life I'll agree

It's sometimes rough, riding this ride, but in the end it's life divine.



Oh my Lord it's all aboard & the ticketmaster knows for sure

Who's gonna ride on the thief in the night train

Too much bank for a Brother Life

But mercy, has paid me off in full so Mr. Conductor give the whistle a pull

Larger than life, cause life on Earth is draggin'

My gift is a trip on the Lord's bandwagon

Maybe we should look beyond our sights

Make a way to feel without a touch

Our trust is not just blind belief

Cause we use other eyes to see


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