Ours - Murder

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Tied down to the things we can't let go of

Realized too many dreams we can't recover

We lied down in our sleep and began to choke

We lied down in a dream and we never woke

Life doesn't have any meaning everything is a joke

Then eating out of your hands would never anything to show

We tried to get off clean but we would never grow

Prison can't be worse than living with the pain of no

Murder, murder, murder, murder

We fight about the things we never even had control of

In and out of thoughts so many different people bought

Self-serving ramblings in your favorite journal

Won't bring you peace until you learn to read yourself

Murder, murder, murder, murder

La la la la la la la.....

Bow down to the things that you let go of

Eating out of thought seems to never have anything to show

Even if it hurts with love you couldn't leave it slower

Slipping from your cause your waiting for your dream to come

Murder, murder

Given the things you bought with (murder)

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