Otep - Requiem

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Oh great fanged mother

I call upon thee


With Vengeance

And a voice

Of blasphemy

Bring out your dead [x2]

touch, taste, feel [x3]

No. Don't do it. Stop.

I'm sorry, no, I can't, please

Can you hear me? help me

That's impossible, that's impossible, stop listening

As long as you are under my roof you will respect me [x4]

The only truth is suffering, the only truth is suffering

And it's ok to hate yourself

Just lay still don't cry for help

No. No. No.

Run, anywhere you can

It's coming, the suffering is here

I'm sick but I need my disease [x3]

Im sick

No one is safe, no where is safe

I'm sorry, it was a mistake, someone let me out of here

Please, let me out of here

Go away, go away, go away


Is your only hope

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