Otep - I Remember

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Who's there?<br />

Who's there?<br />

<br />

And I remember<br />

Flashes of laughter<br />

And lunatics<br />

Lost in the asylum<br />

Seductive propaganda<br />

Scrolling across my mind <br />

Like guerilla cinema.<br />

<br />

Belts and wooden spoons<br />

Flies in the afterbirth<br />

Like shadows across my brain<br />

And crawling on linoleum kitchens<br />

Streaming death and corporate concienceness into my brain<br />

And cracked porclein sinks stuffed with<br />

Dirty dishes.<br />

<br />

The early morning anxiety of gradeschool<br />

Dark stockings to hide the bruises.<br />

Secret friends and festive holidays<br />

And everyone in their sunday best<br />

Pretending to like each other.<br />

<br />

For generations and generations of<br />

Sad mistakes.<br />

Stealing away in the dead of night to <br />

Escape the stiff jawed henchmen in the hungry trucks<br />

Of an angry slumlord miles and miles away.<br />

<br />

Impatient and understanding<br />

Waking on the side of the road<br />

Hissing radiator hoses cracked like<br />

Burned skin.<br />

Days so hot a nuclear holocaust would've felt like siberian blizzard.<br />

<br />

And I remember<br />

The first time I felt it alive inside me<br />

Turning the deadweight<br />

Moving within the folds of its winged embrace<br />

Opening and sliding those black feathers<br />

Inches at a time.<br />

Those feet<br />

Pushing and digging into the membrane<br />

Deep enough to cause pregnancy<br />

And I remember it going numb<br />

And listening to it hum<br />

And I feel it move in its mysteries<br />

Exploring me<br />

And I remember this<br />

And I know<br />

I never had a chance.<br />

There's never any escaping it.


<i>[Thanks to James for these lyrics]</i><br>


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