Otep - Germ

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the enemy of the world,

our greatest defeat,

slave warfare,

our wings are almost dry and free,

absorbing violence [pain],

punishing pain,

poetry is the perfume of the soul [no fear, no god, alternate staces take me places, the world, enemy],

nightmare babies, fire gods,

speaking of dream time serpants,

and walking with the elder dead,

fear me mortal [fear me],

fear me,

feed my disease,

feed my disease [the taste of fear in the seventh phase of the disease],

and in tiny little houses,

on tiny little streets [everythings normal, everythings not ok, it's normal],

voices raise and[as long as you're under my roof you will respect me],

fear is alive [as long as you're under my roof you will respect me],

and laughter,

he's knows tolerance [don't forget me],

she only knows lonliness [not you, not you, not you],

and in my blackness of sleep,

savages dance and scream,

but only truth is suffering,

bleeding like embryos [but only truth is suffering],

starving with dreams [life, blood],

you, single cell are commerse,

whoa, what happened to you last night?

you've given up without a fight,

and learned the words thay say receit,

you killed the flower that blossoms in the night,

smothered and crushed,

rage gives way to a little giggle and sudden blush,

and in my molecules, the vast eternity of invention [can you smell my fever mama? can you smell my poor veins?],

infected with the good disease,

intellect, rebellion,

finding the need in every single one,

...of you,

what's a matter you don't like it when i touch you?

come here,

don't run, don't run,

hand me babies and nightmare gods,

i will shed my skin [but i can't get his sins off of me],

he prefers pain to pretty,

death to daughter,

to the shivering creature that lay beneath him,

i will not be want you want me to be,

i will not be want you want me to be [nothings changed, go away, go away],

people are evil and girls hate each other,

oh great devour of the dead,

i will know my demons names,

i will conquer them,

i will rise [rise],

i will...fight,




this is my holy war,

we come to you like desert warriors,

fresh from the cool dew of night,

in a sea of odour,

in a tapestry of pain,

absorbing violence,

feasting on hopelessness,

expand your mind,

expand your mind,

this is our time to shine [our time to shine, our time for justice],

and out of the ashes,

only the holy will rise,

sweet paper messiah [die],

sweet paper messiah,

how i sacrifice you, i sacrifice you [save me, save me],

dear, sweet paper messiah [save me, save me, save me, save me],

my offering,

my suffering [i speak to you on behalf of all of mankind],

whatever you need,

what...ever you need,

whatever you...

whatever you need,




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