Otep - Buried Alive

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I speak in verses, prophecies, and curses [x2]

I hate my life

No miracle is coming

Hate you

It's just a hole

Hate you

Nothing's wrong with you

Hate you

Must maintain control

Hate you

Everyone's asking questions

No place is safe

I'll forfeit resurrection

To escape this pain

I hate my life [x8]

I speak in verses, prophecies and curses

This storm of thorns is growing

Hate me

There's no end in sight

Hate me

Chaos claws my jaw

Hate me

And incites a mental riot

Hate me

I'm in the mouth of madness

With a tongue of poetry

I ate the spine of Atlas

Now the world is crushing me

I hate my life [x6]

Buried alive behind enemy lines

Surrogate child for the sins of all mankind


Buried alive behind enemy lines, buried alive, buried alive [x3]

For the sins of all mankind

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