Olivia Newton John

Olivia Newton-John was born in England on September 26, 1948. Shortly after her birth, her family moved to Austrailia. She remained there for most of her childhood. It was when she was a teenager that she dropped out of high school and won a talent contest which sent her back to England. She joined the group Toomorrow and was in a science fiction movie of the same name. The soundtrack to the movie was released and has now become a collectors item. Olivia sang back up and harmony on many of the songs.

In 1971, Olivia released her first album in England. The album was "If Not For You." Olivia went on to release several more British albums including, "Olivia,""Banks Of The Ohio,""Music Makes Mu Day,""Long Live Love," and First Impressions."

Olivia first had a hit single with "If Not For You" in the U.S. She followed up this single with the album "Let Me Be There." The title track from the ablum yeilded Olivia's first top 10 single in the U.S. The album went gold.

In 1974, Olivia released the album "If You Love Me (Let Me Know)." This album was a huge success and contained Olivia's first number one hit anywhere in the world. That song was "I Love You, I Honestly Love You." The album also contained the title track which made the top 5 and "Changes," and Olivia penned song, which hit the top 30.

1975 also marked another big year for Olivia. She had her first number one album. "Have You Never Been Mellow" was also her second number one hit. "Please Mr. Please" just missed the top of the charts. Olivia had another album released that year,"Clearly Love." This album contained the hits "Something Better To Do," and "Let It Shine."

In 1976, Olivia relased 2 albums, "Don't Stop Belevin'" and "Come On Over." Olivia was racking up more top 40 singles with "Come On Over," "Don't Stop Belevin'," and "Sam"

2 more albums followed in 1977 with "Making A Good Thing Better," and literally weeks later, "Olivia Newton-John's Greatest Hits" followed.

I'm sure that I don't have to tell you what Olivia did in 1978..."Grease" anyone? (The same to follow in 1998!!)

Olivia made a daring move in 1979...(The year I was born by the way) She changed her music style from pop to rock. This year marked the release of "Totally Hot." This album was a huge success and landed Olivia with more hits. "A Little More Love,""Deeper Than The Night,""Totally Hot," and "Dancin' 'Round and 'Round" were the singles from this album.

In 1980 Olivia returned to the big screen with the belly-flop "Xanadu." But Olivia kept cranking out the hits. "Magic,""Xandau," and "Suddenly" were the smashes from the soundtrack.

"Let's Get Physical." NUMBER ONE FOR 10 WEEKS!!! HAD THE SECOND LONGEST RUN AT NUMBER ONE IN 1981/1982..BESTED ONLY BY ELVIS PRESLEY. Does everyone love Livvy or what?

The hit singles for those years came off of "Physical," and "Greatest Hit Vol.2." Those were "Make A Move On Me,""Landslide,""Carried Away,""Heart Attack,""Tied Up."

Hey, when you're hot you're hot!!!

In 1983, Olivia starred with John Travolta in "Two Of A Kind." More hits followed with the soundtrack: "Twist Of Fate," and "Livin' In Desperate Times."

Since 1985, Olivia's commercial success has declined. Her albums "Soul Kiss,""The Rumour,""Warm & Tender,""Back To Basics," and "Gaia" haven't been quite as successful as her previous works. But "Gaia" and "The Rumour," at least in my opinion, are 2 of her best works.

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