Old 97s

Old 97s - Valium Waltz

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Valium Waltz Lyrics

To dream as if lovers of the ultra-familiar

Hover above her as she's checking you out

Wander around her but never sleep with her

Watch her though windows as she pours herself out

You're scoring her shipwrecks with fiddles and dobios

Laugh at the plainclothes police the crowd

Carry her under like water or ether

Spirit her off when the music's too loud

And it's written all over the face of the daughter

Of the mayor of Marble Falls

When she winds up in Denton town doing the Valium waltz

Dream of the day when your memory is fickle

Pine for a time when your mind is made up

Wonder how long ‘fore you're pear-shaped and wrinkled

Wind up on window-sills all knotted up

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