Old 97s

Old 97s - The New Kid

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Verse 1

The new kid, he's got money

The money I deserve

He's got the goods but he's not good for his word

I should be rolling in it

I've been a working stiff

As for the justice no one knows where it went


I'm gonna toil away

Until my judgment day

I will be rewarded for the good things I did

Believe me every year

There is another one here

Don't you see I used to be the new kid

I am sorry to say

You'll get carried away


You will be replaced

You will be replaced

I tell you again

Don't get too settled in


You will be replaced

You will be replaced

(by the new kid)

Verse 2

The new kid, he's got my girl

The girl I used to have

He's got the looks you know, but not from his dad

I should be kissing that girl

We should be so in love

There is no justice

There's just dark stars above

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